How is generative Artificial Intelligence transforming healthcare industry?

Generative AI in health

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The healthcare industry has seen numerous digital advancements over the years, but, recently, some of the biggest digital tools and services came in the form of AI. There is no doubt that crucial progress has been made in the healthcare sector thanks to digitalization and innovation. With its …

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Challenges of Digital Transformation: Resistance to Change

Transforming the world of healthcare thorugh digitalization: Overcoming the resistance to change

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There is no doubt that the modern world of healthcare is becoming more and more digital. Various digital tools, and devices, as well as new AI technology, have changed the way in which health clinics operate and communicate with patients. However, one of the biggest challenges of digital …

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How do hospitals and other healthcare providers implement cybersecurity measures?

Cybersecurity measures in healthcare

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One of the biggest concerns in modern-day healthcare is the safety and security of patient and clinic data. Maintaining quality patient care while also providing trusted and safe information transfer and communication is one of the top priorities of health clinics. This is especially important when implementing …

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How are healthcare providers using artificial intelligence and machine learning?

AI and machine learning in health

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Healthcare providers around the world are beginning to use AI to make various elements in the world of healthcare more accessible, easier, and more efficient. With new and developing technologies surrounding AI such as machine-learning and natural language processing, patient care is increasingly becoming more effective. Healthcare …

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Recommendations for the correct implementation of an AI-based conversational solution in healthcare centres, for both staff and patients.

Conversational AI and its integration in the world of healthcare

For both the staff and the patients to experience all of the benefits of an AI-based conversational solution in healthcare, health centers need to ensure a safe and correct implementation. Recommendations for the correct implementation of an AI-based conversational solution are many and proper implementation for an AI such as …

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What is the difference between communication and notification?

Communication and notifications with AI - How and when should they be used and what is best for patients

Communicating and notifying patients on time and efficiently are among the most important processes in the patient-clinic relationship. Patients need to be aware of their healthcare journey at all times and should be provided with relevant, accurate, and important data and information. How this information is delivered to patients can …

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What is Natural Language Processing (NLP), how it works, and what solutions it provides in AI communication systems

There have been many new innovations in the world of healthcare and many of them are directly connected to the expanding usage of artificial intelligence or AI for short. While the traditional use of AI in healthcare is not relatively new, technology such as natural language processing or NLP for short has allowed many new advancements to be made in the way AI is being implemented and used in healthcare. Let’s take a closer look at how NLP works and what it brings to the process of communication between clinics and patients.

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Natural Language Processing AI – How it all works

To really understand how an NLP AI works, we need to look at the three essential elements it uses. NLP combines machine learning, deep learning models, and computational linguistics to understand human language. However, thanks to these elements, the AI …

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Which communication channel is best for which purpose (Inbound VS Outbound)

Different inbound and outbound communication channels in healthcare

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A key component in establishing a successful health clinic is communication with patients. In the world of healthcare, both inbound and outbound communication channels exist and play an important part in establishing relationships between patients and clinics. However, each communication channel serves a different purpose and …

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Long Waiting Lists - Overcoming The Challange of Generating New Slots

Inability of hospitals to generate new slots for patients

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The phenomenon of long waiting lists in healthcare is an issue that has been long present. The moment patient demand for care surpasses the available supply of resources, waiting times occur. The high waiting lists can significantly disrupt clinics and make it impossible to efficiently generate new slots …

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Clinics and Patients Retention - Strategies for Retaining Patients for Secondary Examinations

How AI can help clinics retain patients

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When we take a look at today's healthcare landscape, we can see that patients often navigate through multiple clinics and healthcare providers when looking for different services. Whether this is because of the insurance instructing the patients to select specific clinics, or for example, patients not knowing that …

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